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There are Different Kinds of Appraisals to Fit Each Need

Desktop Residential Appraisal

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If you’re just curious about the market value of a residential property (perhaps you intend to list it) a Desktop Appraisal is a good choice to start. The appraiser researches the market area, selects comparable sales and makes adjustments for differences based on public and MLS information to arrive at a value. The appraiser does not visit the properties.


Drive-By Residential Appraisal

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If you need a more in-depth appraisal perhaps for portfolio valuation or a tenant occupied property where you don’t need an internal inspection you can order this type known as a 2055.

In addition to the office work the appraiser visits and photographs the subject and comparable sales from the street and can make additional adjustments for location, condition, view etc.


Full Residential Appraisal

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If you are purchasing a property and need an appraisal for a mortgage the lender typically orders the appraisal from one of their approved appraisers and so you should not order directly from us without their prior approval. This type of appraisal is a Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) also known as a 1004. Here the appraiser visits the subject property and does an exterior and interior inspection with photographs plus visits the comparable sales and taking photos from the street.


Land Appraisal

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Any time there is vacant land, excess or surplus land with a residence or a home on a site one acre or more we have to quote a fee based on the individual case. You can accept the quote and get the same discount, payment method and delivery conditions as before.

Six Reasons You May Need an Appraisal

Buying or Selling Property

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It is a good idea to contact an appraiser BEFORE you buy property. Buyers often allow emotions to influence their decisions when buying property for lifestyle or investment. An appraiser can provide an unbiased opinion of value and prevent paying an inflated price.

Mortgage Application

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A Mortgage Lender is required to ensure that the property is sufficient collateral for the mortgage they are issuing. We work with many large national and local lenders who issue mortgages on both residential and commercial properties.

Private Mortgage Insurance

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PMI protects a lender against loss on homes purchased with a down payment of less than 20 percent. An appraisal can be submitted to the mortgage company to show that the value of the home has increased over time and now the equity represents 20% or more sufficient to allow the removal of the PMI

Real Estate Tax Reduction

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If an owner disputes the assessed valuation of their property an appraisal can be used to show a lower value and potentially reduce the real estate taxes


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An appraisal is often needed to help settle disputes regarding the value of a home during settlement proceedings in a divorce or other partnership breakup.

Estate Settlement

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Accountants and/or the IRS may require an appraisal to value property in an estate, as of the date of death, to allow for settlement of the estate.
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